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October 24th, 2016

Miranda Kerr ain’t the typical wallowing chick when it comes to getting her heart broken. Being married to the hottest elven character in Hollywood history, Orlando Bloom, might have been overwhelming as they went through the odds of both good and unruly admirers screaming for Bloom to get in their pants. But yes, those were all just history now as Kerr moves on with her life after three years of being together and hopped into a new basket of goodies with her new beau, Evan Spiegel. As one of the sought-after models you see on television and print, Kerr is bound to have a ton of wardrobe malfunction that would have the paparazzi come running to catch all there is to publish and make lotsa moolah from. She did have some nip slips and whatnots that drove men and some women crazy, especially the ones who are attracted to her of course. While all of these were happening, it’s been told that Kerr’s former partner, Bloom, wasn’t too protective of her as he would say it’s all part of her career as a model. That she would accidentally show her tits and cunt at some point given the outfits, or lack thereof, that she’s been making to wear during shoots and fashion shows. Kerr is a liberated chick but she’s not too happy with her man being a dick like that, which resulted to being one of the reasons for their split. But now she feels like a queen with Spiegel but it’s balanced, she says. How? Well, this kinky masturbation video of hers explains it. While the new love of her life would defend her from nasty bashers whenever she’s got a nip accidentally showing or she’s caught without panties under those sexy mini skirts, he’s supportive of her naughty hobby that is to film herself (for him) while she plays with her cunt. You see the balance now?

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She’s obviously living best of both worlds, being a bit of a conservative and letting loose with her own man’s permission. Kerr is on cloud 9, no doubt. It just becomes a bit of a problem when their private affairs get public especially when someone would leak something like this just to try and give Kerr and her partner some problems to break up over. Surprisingly though, Kerr is already past the horrors of haters as she feels way too much loved and appreciated now that she simply don’t give a fuck anymore. Instead, she claps back with this hot clip showing her partner a good time while creaming that pussy using her fingers and toys!

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June 8th, 2016

Horny Miranda sucking and fucking hard in leaked sex tape

There’s no doubt that sultry hottie Miranda Kerr is probably one of the sexiest women in your list of favorite girls to fantasize about. Even before the split with then husband, Orlando Bloom, Kerr is already a hot topic within men who long to be her next lucky boy toy. They’re probably not as hot as an elven prince like Bloom, but Kerr s reportedly in a mingling stage right now and would hit the sake with any dude she finds attractive. This man, for example, is one lucky bastard. Shy guy for not showing himself on cam, but Kerr looks so smitten and into him that would think he’s one filthy hunk who can outshine the rest of you lot when it comes to what he can offer in bed. Watch Miranda enjoy her freedom from her EX husband by tasting someone else’s cock. Sucking on it and getting banged hard, she’s totally slaying the playing field now. I bet there’s an additional double or even triple of hopefuls who’d like to get her into their beds now that she’s back in the market, enjoying random casual sex, just like the old days.

Miranda Kerr Nude and in Lingerie

July 30th, 2010

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Smoking hot Australian Miranda Kerr began her professional modeling career after winning a 1997 contest for the teen girl magazine Dolly. Miranda was a skinny 13-year-old at the time, and her win added to the ongoing debate over what’s age-appropriate in fashion; the dust-up helped boost Miranda’s career and she has since modelled for designers, magazines and catalogs. A multi-racial and dimpled hottie, Miranda gained a higher profile in 2006 when she signed a deal to promote Maybelline cosmetics and was picked to model lingerie for Victoria’s Secret.

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Miranda Kerr has been called “the next MacPherson”. This gorgeous brunette model’s trademark are her dimples. Celebrity photographer Russell James said of Miranda, “The US has fallen in love with her. We love her because she has the most incredible girl-next-door look and she’s also insanely beautiful. It means women are not intimidated by her looks and guys think they might be able to talk to her. It’s a fantastic combination, people want to be around her; she’s fun on a shoot and she’s not stupid, which can be a very annoying trait among some models.”  Famous model agent Ursula Hufnagl described Miranda as “the perfect endorsement”, citing her ability to “truly sell a product.”  Miranda Kerr is married to actor Orlando Bloom.

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